The Wild Flowers of Autumn

Thursday, January 4, 2018, 23:05

Crocuses amongst the brandas of Santo Antonio de Val de Poldros

One of the delights of Portugal is the proliferation of wild flowers. I've written before of the spring flowers that make the countryside around us such a delight. In April and May the fields in the Minho are turned into carpets of yellow corn daisies and the hillsides are clothed in lemon yellow broom.

To see more of the wild flowers up in the mountains, click here

What, though of autumn? In September, amongst the espigueiros - the maize granaries - of Soajo and the brandas – the shepherds' summer dwellings of Santo Antonio de Val de Poldros, there are always delicate purple autumn crocuses with bright golden stamens.

close-up of autumn crocuses

These are ephemeral joys but always something to look forward to.

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