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This blog is about me. Of course it is. It has to be as I am writing it. So who am I?

Well, I'm called Margaret and I have been in love with Portugal since I came as a student to a language course in Coimbra half a life time ago. When I graduated, my first job was in Lisbon as an English assistant at the university.

I met my husband in Lisbon too. He was working at the British Council. Through the years we have travelled extensively in the developing world, working in educational aid. We have liked every country and its people. Some, such as Namibia, have been hard to leave but we have always come back to our first love: Portugal.

maps of where we have lived and workd

For the last 15 years or so we have come when we could to search for a new home here, visiting every part of the country from Sagres in the deep south west to Braganca in the far north east. Finally we have decided where we are going to spend a large part of our time. We have bought land in the Minho, found an architect and spoken to builders. We are all set to go. This is where we shall be.

map of provinces

  • You

This blog is all about you too because I'd like you to love Portugal as I do and so I'm going to tell you about the things that enchant me; why this small country on the edge of Europe tugs at my heart strings. I plan to tell you about places and people, music and food, legends and crafts, countryside, history and architecture ..... well, about everything that strikes me that I think will interest you. I hope too that you will let me know what you think about my stories and make suggestions about what you would like to know.

  • Me 'n' You

There's more to the name than meets the eye. It is a terrible pun – I admit it – on where we have chosen to make our new home: the Minho. (For those of you who are not as yet Portuguese speakers – but I hope you will be soon – let me explain. Using English sounds to represent the letters, we find that 'i' is pronounced 'ee'; 'nh' is pronounced like 'ny' and a final 'o' is pronounced 'oo': Meenyoo or Me 'n' You!) The Minho is the most northerly part of Portugal, right up against the border with Spain and our town is called Ponte de Lima.

To me Ponte de Lima is the most lovely settlement in the country. Officially it is the oldest town in Portugal, given its charter even before Portugal as we know it existed. How come? The founding father of Portugal is called Afonso Henriques but it was his mother Teresa who gave the town its charter in 1125. She stands proudly at the top of the main avenue, gazing down to the river and holding out the rolled official document in her hand. This is her. Doesn't she look a feisty lady?

Dona Teresa

So come and join me. Tell me what you think of my blog. And above all, come and visit the Minho. If hasn't disappointed people for almost 2,000 years, it surely won't disappoint you. Read in my posts about Ponte de Lima and see why I say it has charmed people for almost two millennia.





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