Whoopee we’re out of lockdown!

Saturday, June 20, 2020, 03:23

A selection of ice creams at the ice cream shop in Ponte de Lima

Going out into town: it's such a simple thing but these days it feels like a treat doesn't it? OK! So you have to wear a face mask when you enter shops but when you visit Trisabores, the ice cream shop, after you've ordered you can go outside to eat and take your mask off. There are fewer tables than there used to be and those there are have been more widely spaced but hey! The sun is shining and at last all seems right with the world. What then could be better than to celebrate the partial lifting of lockdown with a scrumptious ice cream?

Now, as a diabetic, I am not supposed to have sugary things but the end of lockdown is special. It demands a celebration, doesn't it? The only problem is what to choose. There are so many kinds of ice cream: rich dark chocolate, mango, cheesecake, hazelnut, banana ....

We were told that there was a truly celestial new flavour made from lemon and ginger but it wasn't available when we went. We are assured that it will be back but only next week. Boohoo! Or maybe not. Perhaps it just means we'll have to make another visit. We'll be misbehaving twice!

The ice creams we chose

These were our choice this time. Lemon and coffee for me: lemon and passion fruit for Steve. Next week we'll probably both have lemon and ginger. But who knows? Maybe there'll be another innovative flavour.

Janet E wrote:
Wednesday, July 22, 2020, 14:48
Were you able to have the lemon and ginger ice cream? What you did have looks so dense and rich -- yum!
Margaret Bradley wrote:
Thursday, August 6, 2020, 18:43
No we haven't had the lemon and ginger yet. We have been back in the UK for family reasons but the people in the café said that they would definitely make it for us when we returned. Let's see if they do.

The ice cream we did have was delicious but I really ought not to eat it. Maybe one day you can come to Ponte de Lima and try the ice creams.
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