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Hello friends,

I've added some more posts to the blog. I hope you will find them interesting, informative and, in at least one case, amusing.

For most British people, Portugal and the Algarve are synonymous. Of course this isn't true. There's another 9/10 of the country out there waiting to be discovered. I'd like more people to know about these neglected parts of Portugal so, if you enjoy the blog, please consider recommending it to friends and acquaintances. Through reading it they might discover that they'd like to visit the rest of the country, the part that isn't 'Britain on the Med' . Yes, I know Portugal isn't on the Med but you know what I mean: around 20% of the population of the Algarve is foreign and many of those people are British. I'd like them to get to know the real Portugal, deep Portugal.

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So now may I introduce you to:

http://www.me-n-youinportugal.com/index.php?p=1_5&nid=12 a story linking a manor house you can stay in, the early history of Portugal and the people of the country.


http://www.me-n-youinportugal.com/index.php?blog&nid=11 a story about the hilarious misunderstandings that can occur when similar looking words in two languages mean radically different things.

If you've missed previous posts, do visit the archive to find out about Portuguese food and where to find it and the joys of getting to know your hosts in the wonderful manor houses which offer B&B. Take for example http://www.me-n-youinportugal.com/index.php?blog&nid=8 a story about the jolly family celebration on the feast day of Our Lady of Light, the patron saint of the chapel belonging to the Casa do Outeiro.

I do hope you will find these stories fun and that you will come back time and again to read about up-coming topics such as the extraordinary story of the Portuguese knight who was given a French title and the English Order of the Garter. Strange but true,don't miss it.

My best wishes to you all


PS If any of you ever think of hosting a blog, my web host, Jonah Naylor, is to be recommended.

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