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Hello everyone,

Long time, no write!  I lost heart when we ran into problems with EDP and the exorbitant price of an electrical connection. I really thought we'd never build.  Well, the architect, the builder and the scary-sounding but very nice 'Presidente da junta' seem to have found a solution.  It may not be permanent but the architect gives it a good chance of being so.  As a result we have begun again to build and I am posting an update and new pictures.  I trust you will be interested.  To read how the house is getting on click on  he link below.

The Phoenix House

We have recently been visitng Portugal again and I have finally re-discovered a lovely spa building. I first came across it over 20 years ago but had misremembered where it was. It is only now that I have been able to intorduce my husband to it and I am doing the same for you. If you love airy buildings made of wrought iron and glass, this is a place for you.  Not only that, if as I had the first time I went, you have walked thre through the heat of the day, as a bonus you can drink the most delicious, cool, slightly sparkling, spa water. Click on the link below to see the Termas do Peso.

The spa that got lost

The last story for this newsletter is about a curious link between the Minho and other countries bordering the Atlantic. In early times, of course, over long distances the water was more frequently and more easily travelled than the land so it is prehaps not surprising that things we may have thought special to us are thought special by other peoples to be special to themselves.  To find out which particular object and skill I'm thinking of click on the link below.

Portugal's Celtic Fringe?

I have lots more things to write about from cycling up great hills to the expulsion of bakers from Portugal's second city and, pace Bryan Adams and his memoreis of 1969, when 12 strings are better than 6.

Do read my new stories and think about visiting the heart of Portugal instead of the Algarve.

Best wishes


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