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Me 'N' You in Portugal | Newsletter

Hello all,

I trust that whether in Britain or Portugal you have been enjoying the glorious summer sun as much as I have.

To business.

Of course Giles Coren as a restaurant critic has to amuse as well as review so we must take his comments on Portuguese food with a large pinch of salt. Nevertheless his memories of eating out in Portugal, published in the Times Magazine on Saturday, were so unrelentingly negative that I have been galvanised into writing about Portuguese food myself. My feelings are not always 100% positive – I would love to see more vegetables and less stodge on the menu for example – but you cannot fault the ordinary man's restaurant on quantity or price. So for my take on eating out in Portugal, please look at:

How do you eat well in Portugal? Go where the locals go.


Before writing my puff piece for the charming, back street restaurant, A Caravela do Ribeiro in Oporto, I had already written a post about a food festival in nearby Valongo. Portugal has a large number of local festivals and you have a good chance of coming across one as you move around Portugal. I am a fan of these occasions, which bring together young and old to celebrate their local culture, to listen to music, to eat and drink together. I think we would benefit from more such events in the UK.

To read about why Valongo has an unusual number of bakeries – a story with origins way back in the past – and to see how the locals commemorate it today, please go to:

Loafing Around Valongo


I do hope you enjoyed the posts I wrote in my last newsletter. I plan to return to spas and their benefits very shortly and also to tell you more about Valongo. There is a small connection with the UK, which brought to my mind the saying, "taking coals to Newcastle". Keep coming back to find out why.

My best wishes to you all whether in Portugal or planning to go there. Remember the real Portugal isn't the Algarve, it's the 90% to the north of that coastal strip where relatively few tourists go.


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