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Hello All,

We've just made a short trip to Porto. We go quite often because it is a place full of character. I plan soon to tell you about the city and especially one of the best places in the whole country to have a coffee and cake – or indeed a full meal if your pockets are deep enough! But for now it is a lovely music shop and my musings on the soul of Portugal that I'm going to tell you about.

At the entrance to the Dom Luis bridge there is a shop specialising in guitars of all kinds but above all the Portuguese guitar. Some of you may not know that Portugal has its own version of the guitar, which is different from the better known Spanish one. It often accompanies Portugal's gift to world music, 'fado'.

To me the distinctive sound of the Portuguese guitar and fado are inextricably linked to a quintessentially Portuguese and virtually untranslatable word, 'saudade'. These are what I have been musing on and hope will interest you.

Oh and by the way, I've included the picture I wanted to send you at Christmas but which, for some reason, refused to be emailed.

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Here is the link to Saudade and the steel Stringed Guitar


My best wishes to you all,


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