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Hello everyone,

I trust you haven't suffered too much from the awful weather. Here in northern Portugal, we have experienced the skirts of Storm Katie; torrential rain, low cloud and fog, and some high winds though none as bad as those that brought down trees in Britain. Nonetheless, the bad weather did affect our experience of Easter as you will see at the end of one my stories.

My first post is about Caminha, a small town on the south bank of the River Minho, which forms the border with Spain. These areas once lived in fear of invasion so the parish church stands within castle-like fortifications and is itself a solid stone, defensive-looking building without the delicate fenestration found elsewhere in church windows. Yet, for all that, to me it exudes charm.

Palm Saturday - if there is such a thing - in Caminha


The second post shows you Ponte de Lima in uncharacteristic solemnity. In a town with a twice monthly massive market, numerous festivals and apparently spontaneous traditional music and dance groups in the streets, it is unusual to find hushed crowds gathering but Palm Sunday is different. You can see how, here:

Palm Sunday: Procession or Cortege?


If ever you find yourself interested, intrigued, amused or diverted by any of my stories I would be very grateful if you could write a few words of review on Expats blog. That way I might get more readers and interaction with other Lusophiles.


Best wishes in your reading about, or on your travels within, Portugal


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