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Hello all,

I have two more stories for you.

The first, I think, gives one pause for thought and explains one reason why the Portuguese are so resentful of the austerity that has been forced on them since the banking crisis. It is about a typical rural countryman in his 70s who, growing up in an impoverished village, already knew all about austerity half a century ago. I have commented before about the difference in height between the generations: young people are so much taller than their parents. This story explains, in part, why this is.

Foraging in Lanheses.


The second story caused some internal debate: should I or shouldn't I write it? Do I really want everyone to know what a ridiculous person I can be? Why do I say this? Well, in it I relate one of my more eccentric – some would say lunatic – ideas. Fortunately, my family were not with me at the time. I think they would have disowned me on the spot if they had known what I was doing.

Bom Jesus punishes a hypocrite.


I hope you enjoy the stories. At the very least I expect you to have a good laugh at my expense!

Best wishes,


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