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Hello again all,

I have two proper stories and a little curiosity for you this time.

• The first article is about what to do if you are experiencing very hot weather in the Minho. The far north of Portugal is usually cooler than the more often visited south. The Algarve, and even more so the Alentejo, can be almost unbearably hot in high summer.  Now, however, with climate change, the Minho cannot always escape heat waves.  There are always solutions, though, and I am offering you one. I have called this story, Vila Praia de Âncora: a 'cool' place to visit.

• The second story is a short piece inspired by what some people have put on their gate posts. It also exposes my dire ignorance of an activity which at least half the population of Portugal holds dear. This little curiosity goes by the somewhat bizarre title, Dragons' Den: a house wearing its heart on a pedestal.

• The third piece is a story about both the restoration of a ruin in Arcos de Valdevez and the high jinks it hosted in 2018. This piece was contributed by our good friend Jeremy Pickard, a long time Lusophile and occasional resident of the Minho. This piece is called, The fall and rise of the Paço de Giela.

This is a quick link to the blog page:


I hope you have more time to read these stories than we seem to have had to write them. We have been desperately trying to create a garden from our weed jungle. We have put in a watering system, at massive expense, but we feel it to be necessary if the garden is to survive when we aren't there to water it. We have then been weeding, sowing grass seed, putting down a weed retardant membrane, buying huge quantities of pine bark and gravel and trying to landscape a garden. Some of you may think I am creating a song and dance over nothing as this a relatively simple task; those of you who know as little as we do about plants and gardening will realise that the project is daunting.

Nevertheless, weeding not withstanding, I hope to find time to write a couple more stories soon as I have plans and ideas for them. Wish me luck!

Till the next letter, my very best wishes


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